Independent language teacher survey

After doing prototype events, I wanted to better understand the common challenges of independent language teachers as it became clear that it is important to address the needs of these second target audience in my project. I created a survey to find out more about the profile, experience and common challenges of independent language teachers in the region. Considering the population size and time given, I determined that the most time- and cost-effective method to gather information is a structured questionnaire. It was distributed to the teachers I knew personally, their colleagues and teachers I found online that were positioning themselves as independent. Overall, I managed to gather 19 responses over the course of two weeks. 

The most important findings were:

Experience teaching: Most of the surveyed teachers have been teaching for 2-5 years

Biggest challenges: Their biggest challenges are finding a suitable place for the lessons, administrative work and finding new students

Hourly rate: Their typical hourly wage is 50-100 CHF

Teaching location: They are mostly teaching from their home or student’s home, sometimes in a cafe or a paid space

The results of this research confirmed my hypothesis about the other problematics that can be addressed by my project — the challenges of independent language teachers — that made me reevaluate my design problem and the overall concept of Culture Lab Lausanne. 

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